čtvrtek 4. října 2012

                                           Barrel knife

                                                             My variation on Swedish tunnkniv  blade is forged from spring steel.
                                                            Handle carved from one piece of walnut wood with iron fittings.

3 komentáře:

  1. U did a great Job!!!! i love it!!!! How difficult is to make that? awesome!!!

  2. Hey!
    If you know some blacksmith and bladesmith basics and have some imagination it is not difficult at all...

  3. hi there! u right , i'm learning and I'm forging as much as i can, barrel knife is wonderful, but I'm not skilled on that! :) just fixed blade now, I'm looking around on ur site to be inspired on easy l.lock like urs. thanks for sharing. Barrel knife is over the top! ciao!