středa 31. července 2013

                                    Blue knife


                         Blade forged from spring steel, blue rubber on handle.

pondělí 29. července 2013

                                        Inlay knife

   Knife forged from wrought iron and bloom steel work hardened blade, cherry wood
on handle. My first attempt with silver inlay.


neděle 28. července 2013

                                             Glass beads

              Glass beads made from river bank shards (are blunt and is better for carried in pockets).

středa 10. července 2013

                               Bloom under the microscope

Photo of blooms maded in Knifest show at hearth furnace. All smelt add about 0,7 - 0,9 % C.
 bloom from steel with 0,5% C after smelt there is over 1% C 250x zoom:

800x zoom:

 Bloom from sheath has about 0,8% C- 250x zoom:

800x zoom:

pondělí 8. července 2013

                     New hearth forge and bloom knife

                     Knife is forged from bloom without folding. Boxwood scales sheath fittings and rivets.