čtvrtek 12. prosince 2013

                                     Metal folder

     Slipjoint folder, blade is forged from old wagon leaf spring scales from old wrought iron bar.

                                  Small decorated knife

                                    Blade forged from spring steel, handle from elk horn.

neděle 3. listopadu 2013

                              Tiny sheath knife

             Blade is welded from stainless and high carbon steel, closed knife is 2,25 inch long.

čtvrtek 31. října 2013

                                Watercolours from iron ore

                                      Made from weatherworn iron ore, some clay and eggwhite.

pondělí 21. října 2013

                                            Flat knife

          Knife with blade welded from stainless and high carbon steel, scales from sheath.


               Blade welded from stainless and high carbon steel. Ash wood on scales.

středa 2. října 2013

                                  Friction folder

             Friction folder with blade from high carbon steel and stag horn handle.

                               Semi stainless jackknife

                    Blade welded from stainless and high carbon steel, eleagnus wood on scales.

                                     Needle rasps

                                 Needle rasps for tang holes forged from spring steel.

středa 18. září 2013

                                  See you at Ybbsitz!

               On 22 September 2013 9.00 to 17.00 clock  Ybbsitzer knife show in the house FeRRUM

úterý 17. září 2013

                              Friction folder in stag horn

                                    Blade forged from high carbon steel, handle from stag horn.

čtvrtek 12. září 2013

                            Time traveller

                Engraved blade with heavy patina, on scales I use old beer keg wood.

středa 4. září 2013

                                      Friction folder

        Blade forged from spring steel to final shape, on scales I use lilac wood decorated with simply carving.

úterý 3. září 2013


                                 Birch wood on scales, blade forged from carbon steel.

                 Some things for knife show in Příbram

sobota 31. srpna 2013

                                       River sting

Blade forged from bloom that i made in forge from Bečva river clay. On handle I use dark oak wood from
wheel hub founded in Doubrava river. Blade length is 18 cm.

pátek 16. srpna 2013

                                   Broken back folder

                            Slipjoint folder with pattern welded blade, wood on scales are from elaegnus.