neděle 15. června 2014

                          Fish filet knife

High carbon steel on blade, brass and old table knife silver sheath on handle. Knife for fish knife contest at Knifest.

                       Patterned slipjoint

                             Slipjoint with elk scales. Blade forged from high carbon steel.

                                  Wrought iron ring

                                    Flame blade

                            Blade forged from spring steel, plum wood on handle.

                                 One flower

Watch pocket knife, blade forged from old spring steel, curly oak on scales.

                               Buttonhole knife

Knife for buttonhole wearing.
Blade forged from remelted steel, pear wood on handle.

                                   Honey lockback

Blade forged from old leaf spring on handle I use some wood that looks like honey. Main spring is locked by a lever.

                                Watch pocket knife

Slipjoint folder with ring to attach watch chain or cord.
Blade is forged from high carbon steel on scales is lilac wood.

                        Friction folder

 Blade from remelted steel and wrought iron, box wood on scales.

             Video and interview from shop

Here are article and short video from my shop: